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I always hated whiskey. Truly hated it up until my late 40’s. Then I discovered I was drinking the wrong stuff in the wrong way and had no one to show me otherwise.

This is when the Curtson journey really began.


I started purchasing several different bottles of whiskey, scotch, bourbon, etc. from many retailers. My wife and I found ourselves trying to find out why some bottles tasted good and others were just crap. We ended up with a collection of not so good half and full bottles of whiskey. I purchased a one-gallon oak aging barrel and dumped them all in.


Several months passed and I tried the experiment, thinking it would be downright disgusting. To my surprise it wasn’t bad at all and that got me thinking about the process of whiskey. I soon started asking myself things like “Why is this bottle more expensive?” “Why does this one taste like rubbing alcohol and the cheaper one is smoother?” “Why is this one darker?” “Why does it taste better as it gets older?”

After a lot of research, reading stories that contradicted each other, I knew all about the tradition of dumping white dog (or moonshine) into a barrel and waiting a long time for the magic to happen. I started to see the marketing pushing to hold onto old whiskey traditions. I did not agree! Luckily craft distilling provided a way for me to not follow the traditional norms and allowed Curtson Distillery to be born.


My experiments developed my passion for aging spirits. I strive to understand how to bring the silkiness to the tongue and the mouth, increase the flavors, remove the nasty after taste, and provide a smooth sipping whiskey that can be enjoyed with friends and family. I believe this will be a new source for premium distilled spirits.


We hope you enjoy responsibly.


– Robert and Malinda

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